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What is the role of international logistics?

International logistics refers to the logistics between two or more countries (or regions). For example, Italy has a specialized clothing company, which has 5000 stores, located in 60 countries, annual sales of about 50 million international logistics of clothing. Its headquarters in Italy, all the work is done through 80 agents. If a store found a certain style of clothing needs replenishment, immediately notify the designated agent, the agent immediately informed of this information to the headquarters in Italy, headquarters and then this information back to the distribution center, distribution center will be According to the needs of stores in a certain period of time to pack, group distribution, delivery. The entire logistics process can be completed within a week, including customs clearance, customs clearance and so on.


The most prominent feature of international logistics is that logistics crosses national boundaries and logistics activities are carried out between different countries. Therefore, the existence and development of international logistics can promote the rational flow of goods around the world and make the flow of international goods and commodities the best , The lowest circulation cost, the best service and the highest benefit. At the same time, thanks to the support of international information system and the extensive exchange of goods in various regions of the world, international logistics can promote the development of the world economy and improve the international friendship through the rational organization of logistics Exchanges, and thus promote the healthy development of economic structure, so as to promote the development of the entire human and spiritual culture toward peace, stability and more civilized direction.